Food and phones…

I went to Boston Pizza last evening with a friend that I “work” with, and by that, I mean we work for the same company.  I haven’t seen him in about 2 years, we have planned on going out a couple of times, the plans have always fallen through.

So, Tuesday is Pasta Tuesday at Boston Pizza.  I had a desire for lasagna so that, along with garlic toast, a side Caesar salad and apple crisp for dessert, I was quite full.  I also stayed up later than I have in a while, 10pm.  That meant I slept in this morning, 3:10.  Yeah, five hours of sleep…

I decided that I would post my Nexus 6 on Kijiji to sell.  I had been using it as my work phone, the work-issued iPhone 5s is on my desk, no sim, unloved.  Someone messaged me yesterday morning, didn’t quibble about the asking price ($250) and arranged to come to my house at 5pm.  So, 5 comes and goes and I get another message at 5:30 that she can’t make it until 6:30.  I tell her that won’t work, I will be out.  She wants to know if she can meet me somewhere, she really wants the phone.  OK, sure – I will be at Boston Pizza downtown on 17 Avenue.  She says that’s great, it is way closer to where she lives.

I arrived at Boston Pizza at 6:40, was there until 9:30, no one showed to buy my phone…  I wasn’t holding my breath though.  A LOT of people on Kijiji seem to like playing games.  They message you, get the address and never show.  No message that they’ve changed their mind, nothing.  Games is all I can figure…  If you are getting my address and want to break in while I am not here, good luck with that.  I have two large dogs, a Yellow Lab and a German Shepherd.  People might think the Shepherd is the one they’d need to be afraid of, and that may be the case but the Lab is outwardly the one I’d be afraid of – she protects “her” property like a mad dog.  I am 100% sure that Hera would back her up and anyone trying to get into the house, or, in Blondie’s case, “look” at the house the wrong way, she won’t have any of it.

So, when this person told me they were coming over and sounded legit, I wiped the phone.  The process takes about 10 minutes so I didn’t want them to have to wait.  When I got home, I had to restore the phone.  Google does a great job with restoring.  It reinstalled all of my apps and even aligned the icons the way I had them before.  Very cool and thanks Google.

The iPhone 5 will stay in its box for now and my Nexus 5 will be my work phone.  I love my iPad and iPod, I think Apple missed the boat on its iPhone’s, when compared to Android, really, there is no comparison.

So, that was Tuesday.  Might as well start Wednesday.

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