The New Place

As I have blogged, I’ve moved.  I moved a week ago today actually, I am glad I didn’t move this week as the temperatures have been rather insane – in the -20 range, day and night.  Very cold, gotta dress for it for sure, moving in it wouldn’t be fun – it isn’t fun to move any time.

I am loving the new place.  I have already unpacked everything and everything is pretty well organized.  This is odd for me, I am not normally so organized.  I think this is going to be the perfect fit for me.  It is a 3 bedroom bungalow with a large, fenced in yard for the dogs.  There is a detached garage and parking spaces beside the garage.  The patio in the back is also covered so I can spend time outside even if it is raining.  Will be nice come summer time.  I plan on putting in a fire pit.  Not sure if I will build one into the ground or if I will buy one.  Seeing as I am lazy, likely the “buy” it option.  🙂

No pictures of the outside of the house as yet – it is too damn cold.

living-diningThis is the living room looking in from the front door.  Hera was rather impatient as I was cutting into her “off leash park time”, even though it was -20C.

living-roomThere is the living room from the other side.  Blondie still chewing on her bone.  The sectional couch is great, we all have room on it.  One piece is actually missing, it would have blocked the front door, it is a power recliner and it is in the office.  This is bonded leather.  I didn’t know what bonded leather was.  Well, if you have dogs, don’t buy it – spend the extra and get “real” leather – you’ll notice bad wear under Blondie, well, that’s what happens.

fireplace-tvHera is sneaking into more pictures.  Unlike Blondie who doesn’t really like having her picture taken, Hera seems to.  That is an electric fireplace, takes the chill out and my 55″ TV on top, stereo beside – wasn’t sure how I wanted everything setup, this works, for now.

new-york-muralThis is a great mural of New York City on canvas, it’s on the wall between the living room and dining room.  It was a former co-workers who left BDO and didn’t return for it – he didn’t return for anything.  So, when the office was going to dispose of it, I took it home.  I’ve had it for 3+ years now and love it.

dining-roomDining room, the table is imported from the South Pacific somewhere, my sister found it on Kijiji and told me about it.  The guy who was selling wouldn’t budge on the price, $300 and it was worth it.  His GF moved in and wanted “her” stuff, he had to sell “his” stuff – I hope they are still together, otherwise he’s lost a great table.  The chairs and bench are the same wood and have leather seats – REAL leather this time.

kitchenGalley style kitchen, works well.  LOTS of cabinets and enough counter space for all of my crap.  It is a small size fridge, again, for one, it is fine.  Gas stove, LOVE cooking with gas.  There is a chest freezer in the laundry room.

laundry-roomWhen I first moved here, I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer – it was my first major appliance purchase.  They did me well.  Unfortunately, they would not fit into this space, these ones are 34″ tall, mine were 38″ tall so I sold them on Kijiji, these are provided with the property.

hallwayHallway leading to the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  The floors are original hardwood from the 50’s and very nice.

bathroomStandard bathroom.  Only 1 bathroom in the place, only 1 bathroom to keep clean.

officeMy office, I spend a majority of my time in here.  Very functional, I have everything I need.  TV if I am bored.  I love working from home.

guest-bedroomSpare bedroom with a messy bed – I need to organize that.  Well, at least I am not expecting guests in the near future.

bedroom-2Closet organizer in the bedroom, I like the plastic tubs, works well.  No dresser in here which is fine.  Lots of hooks for clothes, very functional.

bedroom-1My messy bed – share it with two dogs… The headboard there goes with a frame and footboard – they were my parents, purchased in 1950.  The footboard is badly damaged, chewing from three dogs over 10 years.  I am not sure it can be fixed, but I am going to look into it.  I am sure some person good with wood can do something.  Right now the bed is on the floor which is fine, getting up and out is a little harder for me, the dogs love it, an easy step and they are in bed.

So, there is the dime tour.  Please send your dime to:

Kevin D’Arcy
c/o Calgary, Alberta

It’ll get to me.  🙂

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