2:30am and my Christmas Tree

Who the heck gets up at 2:30am?  Well, apparently I do.  I have had issues over the past 20 years or so with occasionally waking at odd hours, typically in the middle of the night and knowing I am done sleeping.  Normally, this has occurred in the spring or summer.  This year, I slept very well all summer long.  Too well actually, I had to rush to start working for my regular 6:30am start.  So, when I slept so well this past summer, I thought that perhaps the odd sleep cycle would pass me over this year, yay.

Nope.  It is a late fall thing this year.  In the last 2 weeks or so, I have been waking up between 2:30 and 3:00.  The one bonus is that I get a lot accomplished before I even start work for the day.  One accomplishment is that I make a lot more blog entries.  I have the time now where normally, I just don’t make the time to keep my blog updated.  So for you, faithful readers, that’s a bonus.  Right?

I also tend to have a cleaner house since I do more stuff around the house in the early morning hours.  I sometimes get to catch up on some TV viewing or I watch some movies that I have not seen before.  There are pluses.

I don’t have many downsides, I don’t think.  I am not tired during the day, work does not suffer.  I have no idea why it occurs.  It will stop, in about 2-3 months and I will start sleeping “normally” again, whatever that is.

So, it is December.  I am not a huge fan of Christmas, don’t really celebrate it at all.  I mean I do make something different for dinner and since I love turkey, it is typically turkey related – I don’t do a whole bird, what is one person who does not care for dark meat going to do with an entire turkey?  I also don’t make soup – conveniently, soup comes in cans…  I will likely make a turkey breast again.  I am going to visit a meat shop and see if I can get a stuffed turkey breast.  If not, I will but a frozen Butterball stuffed turkey breast again, they are actually pretty good.  I even share a bit with the dogs, although, since they rarely get “people” food, when I put it in their dish on top of their food, they look at it like “what’s this on my food”.  Once I encourage them to eat it, they love it.

I had a little Christmas tree that my sister purchased me, years ago.  I can’t find it after the move.  All of the boxes have been emptied, everything has been setup.  So, since I am not going to put up a regular Christmas tree, I purchased this:


I’ve always wanted one and it is perfect for me.  This tree won’t be up all year like the previous 3″ tall one.  I will leave it out for the month of December and then will pack it away until the following December.  How’s that for festive?

I do need something, I do get Blondie and Hera a couple of items.  I am hoping Hera will open her gifts like Zeus used to.  Blondie doesn’t have much interest in opening presents.  Guess I will see.  If she does, I am sure I will catch a video of it and if so, I will post.

Well, this is getting to be a long entry.  I am starting work early today, in 45 minutes and then need to leave for an appointment – blood work being done today.  Fun, fun.  We (Calgary) are in the middle of a deep freeze right now and it is currently -22C.  In Fahrenheit, that’s damn cold.  Colder still with the light breeze, -30 or so with the wind chill.  Stay warn, wherever you are.


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