Gotta love Kijiji, for both buying and selling. Lately, I’ve purchased a new desk, well, used, but new to me. It is an IKEA desk that they no longer make. I’m not sure why they stopped making it, but they did. $60. No haggling on my part since new they were at least three times that.  It replaced a huge monster sized L shaped desk with a credenza that I had. It was bulky, could not be moved by one person and didn’t fit well in most spaces. Gone, goodbye. It served me well for three years. My office is set up with the new desk, plenty of room.

I’ve sold a lot of stuff in the last month. Washer and dryer, pub height kitchen table, two dressers, two bookshelves, small computer desk and chair, not even sure if there was anything else. Oh yes, today, well, shortly anyway, a pair of skates. Make about $700 or so, I’d guess. I didn’t sell some stuff and didn’t get asking price for anything. I was more interested in getting rid of it than getting 100% of asking. I paid small amounts for some of the ads, to keep them listed high, seemed to work. Thanks, Kijiji.

Next, I do need a filing cabinet. I’m sure I’ll find one.

Freezing cold today. I’m sure our trip to the dog park will be shorter than normal. The house appears to be well insulated, that’s good. At least it’s been sunny.

More later, if I don’t get frostbite.

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