Back to work…

Back to work today after being off for nearly a week. I was busy while off of course, packing, organizing, moving, unpacking and organizing. It was a typical Monday at work, busy from the moment I started until the moment I left. That makes for a quick day.

My place is completely setup. I’m very impressed with myself. Typically, I would not be so efficient. In. Y last place, I wasn’t unpacked after a year. I think I knew I wouldn’t be there long. I’m really liking this place. I know I’ve said I will show some pictures, I will, honest.

We have started a cold snap in Alberta this week. Today, the high was around -15C. It is supposed to be colder tomorrow… The dogs don’t seem to mind, not sure about me. I’ll take it over hot and humid though.

Had a doctor appointment this morning. He’s sending me for a bunch of tests and an ultrasound as well. So, I guess I get a little time off of work. Both Blondie and Hera were good while I was out today, I’m sure Hera’s terrible puppyhood is behind her.

Well, it’s later than I’ve been up recently. A 2.5 hour nap after dinner did it, hopefully I won’t be up all night… 

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