Almost there

The house is all but setup.  There are a couple of boxes that I have not organized yet, making my way through them, most of the stuff will likely be deposed of.  I am surprised at how organized I am this time around.

In my last place, I didn’t ever put up pictures and art for the walls, I don’t think I ever truly felt that it was home.  I needed a new place because of odd circumstances and it worked for me, for a time.  Really though, what was I thinking renting a place with 6 levels and a backyard the size of a postage stamp when I have two large dogs.  I guess I should have kept looking – one would think that after moving so often, I’d be better at it.

Well, this time, I think I’ve hit the jackpot.  The house is great (pictures to follow, as soon as the sun comes up) and the backyard is huge – the dogs love being out there.  I need to get some “Beware of Dog” signs for the front and back gates.  I’d hate some kid to try to cut through (for some reason, kids are weird) and have Hera take them down.  I don’t know if she would, or if Blondie would.  Blondie tends to be more proactively protective of my truck when I am away from it, in a store for instance.  Anyone who comes near gets a menacing bark from her.  She is not aware that the typical impression of Labs is that they are sweet, gentle dogs who lead the blind.  Not Blondie.  She protects what is hers, or mine, I guess.  Loyalty right there, for sure.

I am heading out shortly to pick up a microwave.  I don’t need anything fancy, at all.  I use a microwave to reheat left overs and that’s about it.  I might get a kettle too, I don’t have one.  I found a great stainless steel garbage can for the kitchen yesterday as well as a cast aluminium fry pan – both from Home Sense.  Not going overboard, just things I need.

My EcoBoxes get picked up later today.  They are all empty.  I would definitely recommend them if you are planning on moving, WAY better than cardboard.  They stack, won’t collapse and you can load them right up.  Check them out, http://ecobox.caa

Back to work tomorrow.  The office is completely setup, thanks to CH for his assistance on Friday.  The office is a bit more functional now than I have been in the last year.  I have two chairs in the office so that the dogs can spend some time in here comfortably while I am working.  I don’t have floor dogs…  Come on now, they are Princesses.  It has been a nice break from work.  Although I was busy, the mental break was nice.  I am looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

So, I promise I will post pics of the place later today.  Look for it and enjoy your Sunday.

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