Almost settled

The unpacking went very well.  I am, surprisingly, not being lazy at all.  I have a couple of boxes to organize where I want to put stuff but everything is done essentially.

It appears that my EARLY morning wake-ups are back.  I was able to sleep pretty well all summer long and now, the last few weeks I’ve been waking up at around 3am and not going back to sleep after that.  Oh well, this shall pass, I am sure.

Today, I need groceries.  My fridge and freezer are essentially bare.  I also need to purchase a microwave.  I have had a built-in one for ages so I haven’t owned a microwave.  At least they are pretty cheap – a visit to Walmart is in order perhaps.

My office is very functional.  I have two chairs in here so the dogs can hang out if they want while I am working.  I don’t have floor dogs, they are too Princess like for that.  🙂

I am also planning on exploring Bowness a bit today, likely by foot with Blondie and Hera.  I will wait until the sun comes up though.

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