Moving Day

Moving day is finally here.  It will be very nice being in my own space, not attached to anyone.  The backyard is going to be great for the dogs.  They will have a large area to play in and being fenced in, they can’t run off, although they don’t do that anyway, it is nice that they won’t see a squirrel and go chasing.

I am packed and organized.  I just need to disassemble my bed frame and I am set to go, with hours to spare as well.  I pick up the U-Haul at 10am.

Blondie and Hera are at Treetops Pet Resort, just outside of Cochrane.  They apparently like it there since when they saw the lady that looks after them, they went nuts – Hera rarely whines, she was whining away.  I will pick them up this afternoon and will bring them to their new house.  Hopefully, they’ll be as excited as I am.

Mother Nature tried to make things a little more difficult by dumping a half inch of snow last night, but it will be clear and cool today.  Enjoy the day.

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