Packing, packing, packing…

Today is packing day.  I am making very good progress, of course, I have no choice, I am moving tomorrow.

I am looking forward to getting into the new place.  I drop the dogs off at Treetops Pet Resort this afternoon and then I will be able to basically finish everything else.  I need to take the sectional couch apart, a quick job.  I need to disassemble the bed frame tomorrow morning and put the mattress into the mattress bag.  Just about everything else is already done and a lot of stuff is already in the garage.

I think I am more organized this time around.  I pick up the U-Haul tomorrow at 10, my movers arrive at 11.  I should be loaded by 12 or so and it won’t take too long to unload.

Unpacking and setup needs to be done by Saturday since the EcoBoxes go back.  That’s good, it will force me to do it.

Well, my break is over.  Back to it.  🙂

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