Ready to move…

I have to work today and Monday and then a few hours on Tuesday before being off until December 5 to handle my move.

I am using EcoBox for this move.  They drop off their reusable plastic moving boxes on Sunday morning.  I guess for the next few days, I will have to park outside since I plan on using the garage as the staging area for stuff to be loaded into the moving truck on the 1st.

Blondie and Hera are going to the pet resort overnight on the 30th.  They won’t be in the way and they won’t have the stress of having movers in the house and all of the stuff going.  I think it will be better for all involved.  I will pick them up on the afternoon of the 1st and bring them to their new home.

Telus will come on the 2nd to connect TV and Internet so I guess I will have a TV-less evening on day one in the new place.  That will be good though, I can use the time to unpack and organize.

I explored the new neighbourhood a bit the other day, it seems to have everything that someone would want.  I think this will be a good move.

Anyway, the weekend is almost here, enjoy it.

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