End of my tour, back to normal…

Thursday marked the end of my Tour of Saskatchewan.  I started the morning in Saskatoon, early, around 3am, left the hotel at 6am for Prince George.  It was an easy 150km trek.  Luckily, the roads were dry and it was clear.  It was also dark so the odds of having a deer dart across the road were higher, or at least higher that I would not be able to see it well.

Anyway, made it to Prince Albert incident free.  That’s when the problems started.  Nothing major, just no Wi-Fi access in the building.  Great.  That was a 2.5 hour delay.  The work I needed to do took about 30 minutes in total.  I was on the road again at 11am.

This is where I guess I lucked out that Saskatchewan is an hour ahead of Alberta this time of year, they don’t change the clocks – don’t get me going on that.  I had an 8 hour drive ahead of me, not counting any stops and I needed to be able to pick up Blondie and Hera by 6:30pm at the latest.

The various highways between Prince Albert and Calgary are ALL one lane each way.  I am not sure if transport trucks are governed at 100khph but that is how fast they were all going.  I tried to lock my cruise in at 120 and made passes where it was safe to do so.  The drive back wasn’t too bad and I was able to get the dogs around 6:15pm, not much time to spare.

They were happy to see me, I was happy to see them.  I had to make two stops on the way home, gas and dog food.  They were fed and slept the rest of the night and were still pretty tried yesterday, as was I.  I was back to work, well, back to my home office anyway on Friday morning.

The week zoomed by, although yesterday was Friday, it felt more like a Monday or Tuesday to me.  Next week is a full week and then a 2 day work-week to accommodate my move.  Everything is set – U-Haul truck rental, moving help, Blondie and Hera booked for the day at the Pet Resort.  Utilities are arranged, TV and internet being installed on the Friday morning.  I don’t think I’ve forgotten to change my address anywhere – I hope.

So, it is the weekend.  My dogs are patiently waiting to go to the dog park, so, their wish is my command.  Enjoy your weekend.

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