The continued Tour of Saskatchewan

Today is day four on my Tour of Saskatchewan.  I am still in Saskatoon and heading to Prince Albert this morning for what I hope will be a quick stop.  I need to verify internet connectivity, setup a local printer and activate an iPhone.  I am hoping to be in and out in under and hour.

If that works out, I should hopefully be on the toad and heading home around 9:30am.  Well, the first stop in Alberta will be to get my dogs from boarding.  I am sure they will be happy to see me as I will be to see them.  The past few days have been a change of routine for us, dogs don’t typically care for change, neither do I, really.

It has been a productive trip.  When all is said and done, three offices will be up and running, albeit temporarily until they move into new accommodations.  I don’t know if a return trip will be in order or not.  If it is, the weather may not be as cooperative as it has been for this trip – winter will soon settle on the prairie and it can’t be a nasty beast.  I will take it one day at a time anyway.  If I do return, I will suggest a flight as opposed to 7+ hours of driving.

At least heading home later today I will gain an hour.  If I am able to leave by 9:30, I should get back to Calgary before dark – should…  Guess I will have to see.

Well, Saskatchewan, thanks for the hospitality.  If nothing else, I have learned how to spell Saskatchewan.  See ya…


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