Another day in Saskatchewan…

My day in Regina was fairly smooth, I suppose, or at least I made it appear fairly smooth.  There were some issues with the laptops and the accounts that the new staff were using, I was able to work around those and get the users logged in.  We did a training session on basics, they were taking notes so that is good.  There is a lot to learn when you come to a new firm.

The 5 of us went to lunch at a pub close to the BDO office.  The current FRS Manager paid for everyone’s lunch, thanks.  I had a great Caesar salad with blackened chicken and a double mousse for dessert.  I didn’t get out of the office until after 5pm.

There was some confusion as to where I would be going next.  Originally, I was supposed to stay the night in Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan and go to that office on Wednesday.  Another tech was in Saskatoon and he said that the Prince Albert user (just one person) was there and would be there on Wednesday as well.  So, no need to go to Prince Albert.  I cancelled my hotel reservation in Prince Albert for Wednesday and Thursday night and instead am staying in Saskatoon until Thursday morning.  I then have to travel to Prince Albert to ensure all is well.  I am hoping to get out of Prince Albert around 10am on Thursday.  It will still make for a long day, to be sure.

Last night driving from Regina, I had visions of deer or worse yet a moose coming across the highway.  Thankfully, didn’t see any.  I didn’t see any gas stations coming out of Regina, so I drove about 60km north before coming to an Esso on the side of the highway, gas was 86 cents per litre, so not too bad at all.  I met my co-worker and we went to an up-scale(ish) restaurant that the hotel recommended.  We started with a side of chicken wings and I had a bacon burger and my companion had a steak – good food all around.

Blondie and Hera are in boarding until Thursday afternoon.  I am hoping that they are enjoying themselves.  It looks like a good place, although I am sure they don’t really like the change to their routine, I know how they feel.  It will be nice to be back in Calgary for sure.

Only one more full week before I move.  I will now be able to use some lieu time from this week to take Wednesday, November 30 off to prepare for my move.  I am already off the 1st and 2nd and then have the weekend to settle in.  I am sure it will be here before I know it.

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