New place? Yes.

Shortly after posting yesterday, I received a text message from my former landlady that she had just gotten off of the phone with the guy who’s renting his house out.  She gave me a good reference.  I paid my rent on time, every time for 2 years and I left it clean and no damage.  Shortly after, I received an email from the new landlord asking if I was still interested in signing the lease.

Yes, indeed I am.

I have sort of been looking for a bungalow since moving to Calgary.  I don’t mind stairs, but it is nice not having to navigate a large number of them.  I also don’t like carpets – carpeting and dogs don’t mix well, especially when one of the dogs is a Yellow Lab and she sheds as her primary profession.  This new place has all 1950’s era hardwood and it is in great condition.  It has 3 bedrooms, galley style kitchen and a great mud/laundry room with custom cabinets on all of the walls for a massive amount of storage.  One bathroom, all one person needs and a giant fenced in yard.  All in all, it will be a perfect fit for myself and the dogs.

I move in sometime this month, not sure of the exact date as yet.  Looking forward to getting there, the moving part of it is a bit of a pain but that’s only a day.  Wish me luck.

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