New place – we will see…

I am currently living in a great townhouse in the north-west part of Calgary, I’ve been here nearly a year.  It is a large townhouse, 6 levels actually, including the basement, so it has a lot of stairs.  It has a tiny backyard though – those two things are the only issues and they are, currently, minor.

Ideally, I’d love to have a bungalow with a backyard.  So, I looked around and saw one advertised, not far from where I currently live.  I took a look at the pictures online and they were great.  I figured it wouldn’t be as good when I toured, but I was wrong – it was excellent.

Great fenced in yard, garage and extra parking.  Inside, hardwood floors throughout, no carpets, no stairs.  Three bedrooms, a great size.

So, I applied to lease it on Saturday.  I confirmed with the landlord that he received my email but, thus far, have not heard anything – either positive or negative.  I guess he’s in no rush to rent it, or something.

I am not a particularly patience person really.  I like to have an answer quickly.  I will wait until tomorrow after work and if I have not heard back yet, I will email again.  My lease in this townhouse expires at the end of November, but if I am not going to renew, I’d like to give him some notice, it is only fair, he’s been great with me.

Guess I will wait a bit longer…

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