My monthly update…

It would appear that my blog entries are done about monthly now.  I am OK with that.  Hope you are too.

So, what’s happened the last month?  Not a heck of a lot.  The wildcard round of baseball playoffs and the divisional series have finished as have the championships – the Cubs will face the Indians in the World Series, should be a good one.  Most of the evenings in October have been spent watching baseball.  I have discovered though, that bringing my dogs to the dog park overrides watching playoff baseball.  Who knew?

We had the AGM for Babe Ruth last night.  I am no longer on the Executive as the Secretary.  I will stay on the Board as the uniform guy so that will keep me involved.

At home, I have finally moved my office from the basement to the 4th level, in the spare bedroom.  The light is MUCH better.  Temperature is a bit better as well.  I think a small space heather is still a good idea though so I will be purchasing one.

I am still remotely looking for a new place.  It needs to be perfect though.  1) bungalow with a backyard 2) no or very limited carpeting 3) updated recently – not in the 70’s.  Not a huge wish list but I have not found anything yet.  This place is fine, the backyard is just tiny and there are a lot of levels, which at present doesn’t cause issues, but, eventually the dogs will be older (as will I) and we might have trouble with the amount of stairs.  So, the search continues.

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