Back home – time to relax…

The trip back home to Calgary from the IT Conference was pretty routine.  We left Collingwood at around 3:30 and got to Toronto’s Pearson airport about 2 hours later.  Security was a breeze to pass though, very quick.  A group of us heading to various points in Western Canada had dinner together which was nice.

The flight was uneventful which, I guess, is how we want all flights to be.  I watched The Force Awakens for kill some time – the other movie choices didn’t appeal to me.

A friend of mine picked me up at the airport and we stopped for a quick bite to eat.  I was up early, 4am, my body of course thinking it was 6am.  I will get back on schedule this weekend, I hope.

I picked up Blondie and Hera at 8am and I had two very happy dogs.  Hera never whines and she was crying in her excitement.  I got quite a few doggy kisses and now the dogs are napping – I am sure the week was tiring for them.

So, now I have a long weekend to relax and back to work on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend.

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