My monthly update?

There have been a fair number of changes over the last month since my last update.

I decided, after a lot of thought and chat with other parties, that I would not be continuing as the Club Manager for the Babe Ruth Rockies.  There were a lot of reasons for me to step down and I could only think of a few to continue.  I am going to remain on the Board of Directors so I will still be involved.  I may return to umpiring, I have not decided as yet.  I wanted to give the league plenty of notice so that they would be able to fill the role.  It is likely tough to find a non-parent willing to do this job.

My new job at work is keeping me very busy.  I am enjoying it.  I still get to work from home which is awesome.  No commute – no traffic, no people on the bus and train and a big savings since I don’t have to put out $100 a month on transit.

We have a work conference coming up, next week actually.  I have my regular dog sitter looking after Blondie and Hera.  It has been a year since they’ve seen her, Hera is much larger than she was, much sweeter as well though.  I know they are taken good care of when I am gone.

I am flying out on Sunday morning, having lunch in Toronto and dinner with my Aunt and then heading to the conference on Monday in Collingwood.  Should be a good week.  There have been a LOT of staff changes at works so it will be good to meet new people.

Also on the work front, I may be making an overseas trip in the coming months.  This is yet to be confirmed but it looks like I will be going to Mauritius in the middle of the Indian ocean.  I may find our more about this next week at the conference – guess I will see.  It would be an experience of a lifetime for sure.


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