Keeping busy…

Well, it is almost the middle of August, so, what’s been happening?

Well, not a lot really.  I turned 45 this week.  It doesn’t seem much different, or any different really than when I was 30 or so.  I worked on my birthday, didn’t ask for the day off, why bother, work was busy, the day zoomed by.  Went out for dinner to Montana’s, good food, even had chocolate cake for dessert.  Thanks SS for dinner.

Baseball is done.  The Indians ended up winning the AAA Championship for Babe Ruth, clobbering the Angels two games straight.  In AA, the Giants cleaned up and I was asked to give out medallions for the A Championship and saw the Orioles blow away their competition.  All in all, some good ball.

I won’t be coach Fall Ball this year by the looks of it.  I may assist if I am around but I didn’t want to commit if I am going to be away.  More on possibly going away later.

Work has been busy, very busy actually.  The days go by quickly which is nice.  No boredom here.

It is the weekend, well, will be in a few hours.  Enjoy yours.

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