You have to love Microsoft…

I have an older laptop, 4 years old now that I installed Windows 10 on some time ago.  I used to use it often, although it is slow since it only has 4GB of memory.  I have not used it since I have been in my new place, 8 months now.

So, I go to log in.  For those of you unfamiliar with Windows 10, you no longer have a local account, you set it up with an existing email address and a password that doesn’t necessarily match the email password…  I have no idea what password I used on it, I tried all of my standard ones, none of them worked.

So, after fumbling around Microsoft’s support site, I finally find how to reset it.  They can send a code to your cell phone or email address.  I get a code to my phone and type it into the form on Microsoft’s site, doesn’t do anything, the site just sits there.  I try a few more times, same thing.

So, now I am thinking it is because I am using Google Chrome since Internet Explorer sucks.  I try in IE, same issue.

I fumble around on their site looking for actual support.  I am able to open a chat with a tech and after waiting a few minutes, I get someone.  He’s fairly helpful, if not a bit slow in responding.

After chatting for 10 minutes, I am told that there is an issue with the site, since yesterday apparently and he doesn’t know when it will be fixed.  So, essentially, the only way to reset the password to access my computer is not available and you don’t know when it will be fixed?  Thanks.

I now have Ubuntu on my laptop.  Fuck off Microsoft…

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