End of our season…

I last blogged that the AAA season came down to one game versus the Dodgers, that was on July 3, nearly 2 weeks ago.  In that time span, we’ve been rained out a total of 4 times.  We played a total of 3 innings in that time span as well.

Well, last evening, we finally got the game in.  We didn’t have much, if any, rain during the day and the forecast wasn’t calling for any rain until after 9pm or so.  The skies didn’t look overly friendly, but we didn’t get any rain.

We had a slow start.  We got rocked for a bunch of runs and trailed 8-1 in the game.  Although we did make a valiant attempt, we fell short and lost by a score of 8-5, thus, ending our play-off hopes.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable season.  The guys on the AAA club were great, got along with one another and even though we didn’t have a winning season, I think everyone enjoyed it and we had some good player development.

The travel clubs are now away for a week and then we’ll get together for a team party.  Not sure where, but we’ll get together.  And, as they say, there is always next season.

On a more positive note, the AA’s won their elimination game versus the Indians by the a score of 6-1.  Weather permitting, they start their first round of play-offs this evening.  The weather forecast for today, and the weekend, does not look good.

Hopefully they will come alive and go deep into play-offs.  Best of luck AA Rockies.

I haven’t made a decision about next year, but I am leaning towards returning.  Of course I am, baseball is part of who I am and what I do.  I think I’d be pretty bored if I don’t return.  This was my 25th year coaching, between fastball and baseball.  It has been a pretty good run.  Let’s do another 25 maybe…

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