Baseball and Canada Day

The weather this past weekend did not cooperate for baseball.  It rained Friday night and into Saturday morning and the park was closed.  Our (meaning the AAA Rockies) last game against the Dodgers was rained out, postponed.  This game, when replayed, will likely determine who finishes in fourth place and makes the playoffs and who finishes in fifth place and is out.  We both have some games remaining which may change the outcome as well, it’ll likely come down to the wire though.  I am guessing that the game will be made-up early next week since the travel teams are away for the long weekend.  We played Sunday, an exhibition game, against Edmonton and won 14-4.  Nice to keep the momentum going with two wins in a row.

The AA’s did play Sunday evening against the Giants.  It was a great game with the good guys coming out on top by a score of 13-3.

This is the Canada Day weekend.  No ball for me, I will enjoy some time off.  The weather forecast doesn’t look great though, which sucks.  I hope we don’t have anywhere near as much rain as it looks like.  This is quite the change from when I coached in Ontario and would undoubtedly be at a tournament over the Canada Day weekend.  In all honesty, I don’t miss travel ball.  I like having no more than a 20 minute trip to the park.

Enjoy your long weekend.  To the travel teams head to the US and to Medicine Hat, best of luck.


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