A good weekend of baseball…

My AAA Rockies baseball team played Saturday and Sunday this past weekend and picked up two wins.

On Saturday, we made up for a pounding that we took in the first game of the season and defeated the Indians 7-5.  It was a great team effort for sure.

Sunday we played a visiting team from Edmonton.  They were down for the weekend and played 4 games.  They were mercied 4 times, I felt bad for them.  They scored a total of 8 runs in those 4 games, none against us.  That would be a tough weekend for them, for sure.  I am guessing the drive back to Edmonton wasn’t a good one.

We only have one game this week and the weekend off, which will be nice.

The AA’s have struggled of late, losing 4 straight.  I am coaching them tomorrow as they are short on coaches.  I hope they are able to turn things around.

Back to work for me today after a week off.  It was a soggy week with a lot of rain, but a good week off, none the less.  Hopefully the weather will dry up a bit.


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