My week off…

I have been on vacation this week.  It is a staycation, but that is fine with me, I needed some downtime.  I didn’t pick the best week, weather wise.  The May 24 long weekend was miserable, rain, rain, more rain and this past Sunday, 2″ – 3″ of snow.  Typical Spring weather for Calgary, anyway.

My AAA team was able to play one game last weekend.  I was not there as I had to go to Red Deer for work.  It was a bad loss so I am told.  It was supposed to be a double header but we called the second game before it started as the rain was coming down pretty good.

We played last night and lost in extra innings by a score of 5-4.  Too many strikeouts for my guys, looking at way too many good pitches.  We really need to stop doing that.  Pitching and defence were solid, again.  We made a couple of errors but nothing that turned the tide in the game.

The AA’s were completely rained out, or snowed out I guess it was, last weekend.  They played on Tuesday and dropped a 1 run ball game.  They play tonight, weather permitting, but the forecast isn’t a good one.

The AAA’s play Saturday and Sunday, we are down a few players because of city finals for track and field.  We are also down another player to injury – likely a broken toe.  Not a good season for injuries, that’s for sure.

The week has been relaxing at least.  I was able to sleep in a bit, have a nap here and there and when it hasn’t been raining (or snowing), the dogs and I have made some trips to some different dog parks.

All in all, a good week off.  Back to it on Monday…

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