Baseball, dogs, work…

Baseball, dogs, work.  Well, that pretty much sums up my life.

Baseball has been going pretty well.  The AAA Rockies have picked up a couple of wins and now stand at 3-3 for the season.  The outfield has solidified and pitching has been great.  The defence all around has been solid and hitters are hitting their stride.  We have 3 games this week, Thursday then a double-header on Saturday so hopefully we can take 2 of 3.  The weather has cooperated so that is great.

The AA team has been playing well.  They also have 3 games this week, tonight and a double-header on Sunday.  Things are going well for the Rockies in the early season.

Yesterday marked a year since Zeus left us.  There is rarely a day that I don’t think about him – he was a good dog.  I wonder if Blondie remembers him and if she misses him too.  Hera is there to keep her company and they get along well.

I have started part of my new job and it is keeping me busy.  I am surprised I have time at the moment to write this.



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