Four years already…

Today marks four years since I arrived in Calgary, well, 4 years ago today was my first full day in the city.  The trip from Ontario was an interesting one.  Four days across country, I drove through Ontario as opposed to going through the US since I had a full trailer and didn’t want the customs guy to say something like “let’s see what is at the front of the trailer”, I never would have gotten it loaded again.

The four years has gone by pretty quickly.  When I arrived, I didn’t know the city of course and I rented a place in Forest Lawn.  This used to be one of the rougher neighbourhoods in the city, I didn’t mind it there though.  I’ve moved twice since getting here, keeping up the trend that I started in Ontario.

My fourth anniversary at work is in a few days.  I now work from home, haven’t gotten into the office since August. I have gotten quite comfortable working from home and I get a lot more done, no one comes to my door to ask me questions.  Quite nice.

I have settled pretty well here.  I am coaching ball, this is my third season as the club manager for the Babe Ruth Rockies club.  I have learned the city pretty well and it is home now, has been for a while.

So, thanks Calgary for four good years.  Here’s to many more.  🙂

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