I have a blog? Better update it…

Well, I guess I have not had the blogging bug the last few months.  I suppose that is OK, it is my blog after all.

For those of you wondering what has been going on, well, here it is.

We are well into Spring training for Babe Ruth.  The evaluations were in February, a good pool of talent for sure.  The Rockies had a great draft, we had 2 first, 2 second, 2 third round picks this year which gave us some excellent selections.  A few players left the Rockies via trades and two new players came in and I think we came out on top of those trades.  The coaching staff got together and came up with a good plan for the draft and we got pretty well who we wanted.

Indoor workouts have been good, development of the club has come along well.  The split into the AA and AAA teams is pretty well decided.  Both teams will be strong, by the looks of it.  Of course, sometimes a team on paper is not the same as the team that shows up on the field.  We will see.

The weather this Spring has been excellent, we are waiting for the parks to open so we can get outside. Our opening Jamboree Tournament is the weekend of April 23/24, two games for the AA’s and one for the AAA’s.  The regular season starts right after that on Tuesday the 26th.  It will be a quick season, I am sure.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Let’s see, what else has gone on…  Well, Hera turned one in early January and Blondie turned five a month ago.  I think Hera finally realized that this is her permanent home and she has settled in quite well.  She drives Blondie nuts, but Blondie is a very tolerant dog and puts up with the play.

I am still working from home, works very well.  I have not been in the office since August.  Not planning on going in any time soon, I don’t think.  We are having a conference again this year, it will be in September back at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario.  I am not planning on staying in Ontario either before or after the conference, at least at the moment I am not – guess I will see.

Now that baseball season is here, I am sure I will be making more regular entries.  Guess we will see on that as well.



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