Almost settled…

I’m pretty well settled into my new place, still have some organizing to do, mostly clothes. I still need to connect my washer and dryer as well, I’ll blame that on pure laziness on my part. Seeing as I need to do some laundry this weekend, that’ll be a priority tomorrow. I also need to put the legs on my dining room table. Everything else is pretty well done, which is good. I’ll also update my drivers license and vehicle registration tomorrow. There is a registry office within walking distance.

Blondie finally ended her huger strike, or whatever it was. I think she was protesting the move. She was eating biscuits and drinking water, so I wasn’t worried about her. Silly dog. Hera didn’t protest anything, what does a puppy have to protest, really?

The week at work has gone by pretty quickly, hopefully Friday will follow suit. I don’t have to work any crazy evening and weekend shifts over the holidays, although I volunteered. I’m ok with that, it’ll be fairly slow, the near downtime.

I’m still waking up very early which is odd, I typically hibernate this time of year. Perhaps this is the new norm. Perhaps I’ve already turned into a senior citizen. Oh well.

Enjoy your weekend.

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