Almost all set and back to work…

I slept in a bit today.  Well, slept in under my standards.  I was awake at 4:15.  I am not sure why I have not switched over to “winter” mode, or more likely, “hibernation” mode.  I have for years.  I am actually OK with waking up early though, better than dragging myself out of bed and feeling like a zombie for ages.

The house is getting there, almost organized.  I still have to do a few things here and there and still have to unpack clothes, but pretty much everything else is done.  It is a good feeling.

The office is setup, I am back to work today.  I decided to locate my office in the basement.  I think it will be a good fit down here.  Telus was setup yesterday.  I have faster internet service, an upgrade for free for 6 months but over wireless, I am unable to take advantage of it.  So, I guess I will downgrade when the free “trial” is over.  I don’t have a computer near the router/modem so I will never be wired in.

I plan to walk the neighbourhood at lunch today with the dogs.  We hit a few dog parks in the area yesterday.  They are great for walking/hiking, but not enough open space to use the ChuckIt to throw the ball.  I will continue to explore and I am sure I will find one.

Back to work for me – enjoy your day.

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