The move…

I woke up yesterday at 3am, sort of typical for me, really. Got up, regular routine really. Dogs out, make coffee, Kevin out. Well, I’m housebroken and can use the toilet…

Had the last few items to pack up and a couple of things to disassemble.

I left at 815 to pick up the u-haul. No issues picking it up and got home around 915. Started to load up the 17′ truck. I can’t thank my two friends enough for assisting in the move. SS, we are even now, I helped you move, now you’ve returned the favour. CH, I owe ya bud.

We were loaded up by 1130 or so, maybe a bit before that and we headed to Ranchlands. As expected, the unload was WAY faster than the load. Loading a moving truck is sort of like playing a game of Tetris. We did a good job loading too. It was packed, front to back, top to bottom.

Nothing was damaged in the move, that’s great. Well, we all suffered minor hand damage, cuts and what not. None of my stuff was damaged, how’s that?

So, we unloaded them hit Edo up for a bite to eat. There aren’t a lot of restaurants around me, a few, but we wanted something quick.

I then had to return the truck and pick up my dogs who likely thought they’d been abandoned in a nearly empty house. Both were happy to see me return. Hera went and “hid” in the backyard, took some coaxing to get her to come back to the truck for the voyage back to the new place. I had a load of mostly clothes to bring back, the entire back area was full.

I unloaded as quickly as I could and then we headed back to grab some more stuff and to sweep the place out. A cleaner (or possibly cleaners) are coming in today but the dust bunnies and fur bunnies from having two dogs running around had to be swept up. I think I will make it a point to move the couch, on a monthly basis (at least) to sweep under there. I could have knit a new dog, I’m sure.

We were back by 8pm. Dinner was a sub, I was not going to undertake any cooking. I unpacked a few items, set up the bedroom and crashed. I’m sorta surprised I’m up so early today, it is 430, been up an hour already.

So, I sit here, at 430 drinking my first coffee in the new place. Each time I go to the garage, I see the work ahead of me. A daunting task, but one I hope to have completed by tomorrow.

I think I’m going to love it here. The place is great. I will get used to the stairs, so will the dogs. I also need to explore the dog parks in the area. The Superstore is about 5km away, pretty close and much easier to get to them the Superstore near my old place. Walmart is a little further away but in the same general area. Walmart will be my first stop this morning. I aim to get there for opening, 7am. Then, back to the old place to pick up the last few items, throw out some garbage and bid it a fond farewell.  The move out inspection is tonight at 6pm. Hopefully I’ll be getting my entire security deposit back, can’t see why not, there is no damage.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the ride. Now, enjoy your Sunday. 🙂

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