The new place…

I did the move-in inspection for the new place yesterday morning.  Nothing out of the ordinary to report, the place is in good shape.  The owner has installed new taps in the bathroom and a replacement tap and shower head in the shower.  The place has been cleaned and looks good, ready to move in.

The fridge and stove look new.  Fridges are a pain in the butt to clean, I know from experience.  They did a nice job.

He showed me where the furnace filter needs to be changed from and how to adjust the on-demand hot water system.  It will be nice to be able to do laundry, wash dishes and shower at the same time, if I wanted to.  I am typically never quite that busy though.

The furnace has been serviced and the ducts cleaned.  The fireplace has also been cleaned and serviced.  It is a wood burning fireplace with an interesting gas lighter that they don’t use any more.  Will make lighting a fire a much easier process.  I doubt that I will use it all that often, but who knows, if we have a cold winter, I might use it here and there.

The owner has left some furniture in the place, all stuff that I can use for sure.  One bedroom has a single bed and two dressers which will come in handy, should anyone want to visit.  I might move it into the other room and use the current “spare” bedroom as my office – I have to see which room is larger.

The master bedroom is huge, will easily house a king size bed, should I ever purchase one.  It won’t be cramped at all like my current bedroom is.  The kitchen is also huge, lots of counter space, more cupboard space than I will know what to do with as well plus a nook area and separate dining room.  Space will not be a problem in the new place, that is for sure.

I brought Blondie and Hera with me yesterday.  It will be their place as well so they might as well explore.  They ran all over, likely wondering why were in someone’s empty house.  They will have to get used to stairs in the house, currently we are all on one level.  I think though, as long as they are with me, they won’t care where we live.

Move in day is Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.

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