I’ll take my cheese burrito now please…

As I have likely reported, my German Shepherd, Hera, has epilepsy.  She is perfectly healthy otherwise and her seizures are completely controlled by the medication that she is on.  I would tell you what it is, but I can’t spell it, I can’t even say it.  Even if I had the name of it right in front of me.  Anyway, it is the same medication that you or I would take if we had epilepsy.

It costs me about $1.25 per day for her pills, maybe a bit less.  She was at the vet about a month ago to test her blood levels and she was fine – the amount of medication was perfect.  She takes 150mg twice per day, 8am and 8pm.

When I first adopted her, I had a small supply of pill pockets which are beef flavoured soft biscuits essentially.  Well, they cost around 40 cents each.  A bit expensive.  Not that she isn’t worth it, but I switched to Kraft cheese slices.  So, at least I don’t but the cheap cheese slices.  She gets her 5 pills wrapped up in a cheese/pill burrito.  Blondie gets a quarter cheese slice as well, sans the pills because, well, if you’ve ever had dogs, what one gets, the other had better well get, or you will have issues.

She has never given me a hard time about taking her pills, never spit one out which is awesome.  Zeus wouldn’t take a pill under any conditions, he’d spit them out, just to spite me I am sure.  I’d end up having to hold his mouth open and throw the pill to the back, he’d choke a bit and swallow it.  Poor guy…

There is a chance that Hera will outgrow her seizures, time will tell.  I wonder what I will do if that happens – she knows when it is 8am and expects her cheese slice.  Maybe I will just continue to give her the cheese, can’t hurt.

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