A winter wonderland this morning…

It is a winter wonderland this morning.  Last night, there was no snow on the ground, at all.  This morning, 4″ or so.  Luckily, it is just below freezing so the snow melted when hitting the sidewalks so no need to shovel anything.

It is supposed to warm up by mid-week so I am sure this will all be gone in a few days.  A taste of winter to come, I am sure.

Well, that weekend, like most weekends before, went by too quickly.  Don’t they always though.  I got a bit more stuff packed up for my coming move. I won’t be able to do most of it until the days leading up to my move.  I was speaking with my new landlord yesterday, he says I could get the keys earlier, BUT, since I will be waiting for a pay day to pay first months rent, that won’t work.  Oh well – I still get the keys on the 28th.  Hopefully we will get everything done in one load of the U-Haul and it shouldn’t take any longer than 2-3 hours, I don’t think.

Back to work, if it is like the last few weeks, it will go by pretty quickly.  Enjoy your week.

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