Did you restart?

I have been having issues recently with my Nexus 6 Android phone sending and receiving MMS messages.  Those, for the non-technical in the crowd, are pictures and what not sent via text messaging.  No one could send me pictures, the download would fail and I was unable to send as well.

I looked through various forums for a solution.  I had recently upgrade my phone’s OS to Android 6, Marshmallow.  I was thinking that I had not been able to send MMS messages since I did the upgrade.

So, some of the solutions were pretty simple – use Google Hangouts as your default SMS app, it gets around some of the issues that other SMS apps might have.  Hmmm, I am already using Hangouts.  I tried an alternate SMS app, same issue.  I tried some of their suggestions, same issue each time.

Then I was thinking – have I restarted the phone since the upgrade?  I mean, the phone was restarted during the upgrade, for sure, but, I don’t think I’ve shut it down.  I typically don’t have the phone off.  I might restart it once a month or so.

So, I restarted it and low and behold, MMS is now working.  I should have thought of that earlier, much earlier.  On a daily basis, in my job, I ask people if they’ve restarted their computers to resolve an issue and they normally, sarcastically, reply, no (they think it won’t work) and more often than not, presto, it does.

So, I am hanging my head a bit.  As an IT guy, I should have tried that first.  Oh well, at least I can send/receive pictures via text messaging, you know, that’s really important, isn’t it?

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