Packing help, anyone?

Does anyone want to help with my packing? It has to be one of the worst jobs ever. Well, perhaps not, but still, it isn’t much fun.

I guess I am basically done for now. I really can’t pack up stuff that I’ll be using over the next month. I can pack away some kitchen stuff and clothes that I know I won’t wear are packed but I can’t really do anything with my office until the day before I move. 

The unpacking will happen a little quicker. I tend to like to be set up within a few days of moving. I’m moving on a Saturday and I have the following Monday off so my plan is to have everything done by that Monday. Ambitious I guess, a bit anyway.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself over the winter. I don’t have anything planned as yet. I was going to rejoin Big Brothers and then seconded guessed myself. I’ve had two little brothers since moving here, neither has worked out as one would hope. Perhaps I’ll skip on that for now. I know it is a great organization but maybe I’m not the right fit for it right now. 

Yesterday was an insane day at work, Monday’s often are. We had issues with our Citrix farm causing many employees not to be able to do anything. It made my day fly by. Hopefully, today will be a little more normal. It is a good thing when we are busy though, does make the time pass more quickly.

Off to walk the dogs, in the dark. It is a cold start, -5 rig now. The snow we got yesterday is mostly gone now, it got to 5 in the afternoon. Thankfully, the furnace was serviced yesterday, pilot relit and we have heat again. Damn gas line cuts…

Enjoy your Tuesday. 

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