Now the downtime starts…

Well, the Kansas City Royals came back, again, and beat up the New York Mets to win their first World Series title since 1985. Congratulations on the win, well deserved. Now, my baseball season is truly over and it is now my downtime.

It is November already and I’m sure this month will zip on by. I have a fair amount to organize and pack for my upcoming move. I picked up some boxes yesterday, now to assemble them and fill them. I’ve moved often enough that it is almost a routine. I don’t really enjoy the process though, wish I could fine a place that’s perfect.

So, in the CFL, the Stamps will need to play host in the Western semi-final. I have a conflict, so I may not be able to go to the game, that would suck. I might sell the tickets, I guess, or give them away. I’ll see…

Hopefully the snow doesn’t fly for a bit yet. I think this is the latest that we’ve been essentially snow free since I moved to Calgary. I’m good until mod-December, in case someone is taking a poll.

Another Monday, back to work. Enjoy your week.

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