Another weekend in the books…

The stamps game yesterday wasn’t much of a game. As expected, the Stamps blew away the visiting Roughriders. It was an all right game otherwise, I just like to see some defence. There were a lot of “roughing the passer” penalties, apparently, pushing them out of bounds is roughing the passer. Seems the CFL is developing a league of puppies, or they are trying to turn it into touch football.  Oh well.

One more regular season game, next week against the BC Lions. Then, either at home for the Western Semi or at home for the Western Final, if they win the west. It means one more trip to McMahon for me.

I’ve decided that I won’t be renewing my season tickets. I enjoyed myself but I guess really, the CFL isn’t my game. I much prefer the NFL. Too bad the nearest stadium for that is likely Seattle. 

Yesterday was Halloween, didn’t go out at all last night. Not sure how Hera would have taken to kids in costumes. No candy to eat today either so that’s good.

Another weekend almost in the books. The World Series could end tonight. Not the team I want to see win… Daylight savings ended today as well and I actually stayed in bed a couple of extra hours. I’m hoping sometime in the near future that we get rid of the non sense of switching clocks back and forth. Who knows if that’ll ever come though.

Back to work tomorrow and the countdown is on to moving day.

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