The weekend is here, or will be shortly.  Friday’s are a good day since for those of us lucky enough to work Monday through Friday, we have two days off coming up.  For those of you who work shifts or weekends, well, someone has to do it, I guess.  I worked plenty of weekends when I first joined the work-force.  I work occasionally on weekends now as well, not too often though.

Tomorrow is Halloween.  Not that I do anything for Halloween.  We bought candy here last year and no kids showed up.  I do live on a main street though and there aren’t a lot of houses along this stretch so it doesn’t surprise me.  Where I am moving to will be, I presume, a busy Halloween.  It is in a residential neighbourhood and I would guess there are lots of kids around.  Still, Halloween doesn’t seem to be as busy as when I was a kid.

I am hitting the last regular season Stampeders game tomorrow, 1PM start.  It seems like it has been forever since I have been to a game.  I missed one in September and another in October and the Labour Day game was missed as well, although I don’t remember why – was it raining that day?  I think so, possibly.

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to the game with one of the parents of one of my baseball players.  He’s a die hard Riders fan and will likely be wearing some of their green in comparison to my Stamps red.  Should be a good time.

My deposit is paid for the new place.  I am set to move in, well, sort of.  I do have to wait for the owner to vacate of course.  I get the keys on November 28.  I’ve arranged for a few friends to assist with the moving.  Lots of fun.

Enjoy the weekend and Halloween.

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