The World Series

I was thinking last night that I’m a bit bored now that my baseball is done with. Very typical as I transition to my off season. I go from coaching 4 or so days per week to nothing and obviously, there’s a void there. It takes a couple of weeks to slide into my hibernation routine. It’ll help that this weekend we put the clocks back an hour, don’t get me going on that though.

So, tonight marks the start of the World Series. It has the New York Mets at the Kansas City Royals. I typically am not a fan of the National League, not sure why exactly, but I will be pulling for the Mets, not that me wanting them to win will make any difference at all.

I do not like the Royals. I don’t like them for purely ridiculous reasons as well. They are an amazing ball club, in all aspects of the game. I don’t actually know that much about the Mets, I don’t follow them, at all. I’m hoping it’ll be a good series. They man handled the Cubs in the NLCS, maybe they’ll do the same to the Royals.

Who ya got?

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