Where to live?

So, I looked at a couple of places yesterday. I’m only looking really, to see what’s out there. I’m happy with where I am, with the he occasional disruption, I can live with that.

I rejected the two bedroom place above the garage in Airdrie. It was a nice place, but smaller than what I have now and no backyard for th dogs. I enjoy walking them, but to do that every time they need to pee would get tiresome, quickly. 

I looked at what would be a perfect place, also in Airdrie but they want to rent it for November 1 and that’s a month too early for me. They have others interested, so it’ll go, I’m sure. 

I’m looking at two today. One is a town house in the North West and the other, a detached house in the North East. Far North East as well, beside the airport. It isn’t in the flight path though, so that’s good. Again, no rush on my part.

Previously, I tended to find a place and move. Now, since have a place that is great, I can be a lot more selective. Maybe I’ve mellowed out a bit as I get older too, who knows?

Tonight is the Babe Ruth AGM. I’m looking forward to being on a Board of Directors again, it has been a few years now since I last sat on a baseball board. Speaking of Boards, not sure what’s happening with the Calgary Centre Conservative EDA since the local candidate lost the election to the rival Liberal. I’m not sure what the good people of Calgary Centre were thinking, electing a Liberal. One might assume they are as stupid as people in Eastern Canada. That can’t be, can it? Anyway, I emailed the President a few days ago, have not heard back. I presume I will, eventually. I really hate it when people don’t reply to emails… One of my many pet peeves.

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