Post baseball life, my downtime…

So, now that baseball is done with (Babe Ruth), and MLB has another week to ten days, what do I do with myself?

Well, tomorrow is the Babe Ruth AGM. I plan on running for a position, likely secretary which I have done on other Boards before. I enjoy it, hang out with other baseball people, do some good work for th organization. It also keeps me busy in the off season. Since I work at home, I don’t see a lot of other people over the winter. Not that I mind… In general, I don’t have a lot of use for strangers. I like people, or most people anyway, after I get to know them. I don’t want to turn into a hermit after all.

I am remotely looking at house rentals in and around Calgary. I’d like a place where people aren’t walking above my head. They are, in general, pretty good neighbours. They tend to make a little too much noise late at night, or early in the morning, up until around 3am… Sort of irritating.

I’ve looked at a couple of places, nothing too special. One was in Cochrane, great place but they wanted way too much as a pet deposit. They wanted $100 per month per dog for the term of the lease. So, if I was there for 10 years, I’d end up paying $24000 in a non refundable pet deposit. Nope… He offered to lower it to $75 per month per dog… Still a little insane.

I looked at a really good place last evening in Airdrie, it is a two bedroom unit above a garage, a new build. It was fine, except it is a bit smaller than what I have, for more money. Also, there is no heard at all for the dogs so not ideal at all.

I’m looking at another house today at noon, again, in Airdrie. This one is the main floor of a house, full backyard, fireplace. It is the same price as what I’m paying where I currently am.

There is nothing wrong with this place either, don’t get me wrong. The main reason to look elsewhere is to have a whole house, or the top half anyway. I’m in no rush, at all and no real need either.

I guess I will see what comes around.

Nothing else planned for today, other than hitting the dog park, presuming it doesn’t rain. No baseball to watch on tv tonight. The Jays were eliminated last night. I wasn’t too surprised. It didn’t come without controversy though. I’m sure Jays fans will whine for a bit, likely until next year anyway. The World Series starts, when, Tuesday likely. I’m going for the Mets. My earlier predictions on the NL side were not good, bang on with the AL.

Enjoy your weekend.

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