Babe Ruth Banquet

Last night was the Babe Ruth Year End Banquet.  It was held at the Red and White Club at McMahon Stadium.  Great food, as I would have expected.  Salads, roasted potatoes, chicken, steak…  Not bad at all.

The entertainment for the evening was comedian Jebb Fink. He was quite good, wrapped his comedy around baseball and his family.  He might have went a little out of the bounds for a mostly young crowd, but I don’t think anyone would complain.  I certainly hope not anyway.

After that, it was the awards.  Several of my players won awards.  The AA team had the leagues top hitter, he also made the All-Stars list as an outfielder and was the AA Sportsman award winner.  The AAA’s had three award winners with two players making the All-Stars team list.  One of my AA coaches also won AA Coach of the Year, in his first year of coaching.  I was happily surprised by that.

So, all in all, it was a good evening. It brings an official end to the 2015 season.  Although we might not have produced as well as we would have liked on the field, it was a fun season, I enjoyed it quite a lot.  It will be nice having a couple of months off but when January hits, I am sure I will be anxious to hit the field – well, the artificial inside turf anyway.  It’ll be a little cold to hit the actual field…

So, Rockies, enjoy the off-season.  I hope to see everyone back in the New Year.  All the best.

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