Banff, baseball and some down time…

I was in Banff, Alberta, over night Monday and most of the day Tuesday to support a conference for work. I dropped the dogs off where I board them around 415 and headed to Banff. The drive was quick, very light traffic and no issues even leaving the city.

We had dinner, the buffets that they serve at the Banff Centre are quite good. The food is always fresh and refilled quickly, they don’t put out a ton of it at a time. It is worth the trip just for the food. We setup the conference rooms for Tuesday and called it a night.

The Jays were playing and managed to hold onto their lead for the win. It is a good thing they bashed in a bunch of early runs since the Royals tried to storm back. Tuesday was also Election Day in Canada. The East coast and Central Canada, in their infinite wisdom, decided to send the Liberals to Ottawa with a majority government. I’m sure we will all pay the price, time will tell.

It was a busy Tuesday, minor issues to correct on people’s computers. I left Banff around 230, had a great trip back to Calgary and picked the dogs up at 430. All in all, a great overnight to Banff. It would be a great place to live, if one could afford it. I believe it has some of the most expensive real estate in the Province.

The Babe Ruth Banquet is tomorrow. Should be a good time, about half of my players from the summer are going. I’m not sure on coaches though, everyone seems to be pretty busy with work and school. It marks the end of the Babe Ruth season, officially. The AGM is Sunday. I plan on joining the Board. It’ll give me something to do in the off season. I’ve done it before, for years in Ontario, might as well pick it up here.

It will be nice having a few months baseball free. I can relax on the weekends, they won’t go by so quickly. It’ll be nice starting back up in January as well. It’ll be a new start for the Rockies. I’m looking forward to it.

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