Election Day

Today is election day in Canada.  It has been a long election, called sometime in August, longer than normal.  In my opinion, too long.  I am getting tired of political stuff on my wall in Facebook.  I am tired of political ads on TV and the radio.  At least I haven’t heard any today, I don’t think they are allowed to air on the day we vote.

I am a Conservative, I have been for some time.  Ever since I discovered that I have a brain, I suppose.  The country may be won over by the Liberals.  I am hoping not, but it looks like it could go that way.  At least the NDP and their leader do not appear to be poised to take over – thank the Gods that I don’t believe in.

I have had many discussions with people on Facebook and in person.  I don’t agree with many of the Liberals view points, I don’t agree with everything that the Conservatives do either.  However, I won’t be swayed.  I also realize that if the Liberals do get in, Canada will not vanish.  We will still be here.  We will likely pay more in taxes, we will get deeper into debt and our National security may be compromised, but we will still be here.

I have not yet voted.  I will vote.  I will vote for the Conservatives.  In good conscience, it is the only vote I can make.

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