Championship Sunday…

We are in the Babe Ruth Fall Ball Championship today, but we took the long route to get here.

We played the first place team yesterday afternoon, the winner moved onto today’s championship, the loser had to play a sudden death game right afterwards with the winner of that game moving on.

This team has been a team that can hit. They have been a team that drives in runs, a lot of runs. In one three game weekend, we drove in 44 runs, that’s some pretty serious offence. Yesterday, against a pitcher that we should have been all over, we sputtered and only managed 2. Our defence kept us in it for the whole game, only allowing 3 to cross but that resulted in a. 3-2 loss. A great game for sure.

The Cyclones moved onto today’s championship game, we were then the home team against the 5th place Clippers team. They started out with a run in the top of the 1st. The Manager, who is a friend of mine joked before the game that he’d be kind to me after they won. How kind 🙂

We belted in run after run, they made a number of errors, pitching wasn’t solid, defence as spotty. My pitcher threw the game of a lifetime, pitched a complete 5 and only threw 43 pitches. Our defence as solid, they only had a handful of base runners. We ended up making quick work of it, ending the game on the mercy rule in the bottom of the 5th by a score of 12-2.

The boys were pleased with their comeback. One of them turned 18 yesterday and his dad brought cake for the team. 

That sets up a rematch today at 11. We will be the visitors again. It should be a good match up, we’ve had close games all season. Win or lose, the team hits Boston Pizza afterwards. Good times to be had for sure.

Regardless of the outcome, it has been a successful Fall Ball season. It has also been very enjoyable. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed coaching this much before. It’ll be sad for it to end, but we all need an off season.

Go Bandits !!!

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