A win today, championship tomorrow…

Tough decisions today we regards to my Fall Ball team and our semi final game. Should we win, we are in the final tomorrow. A loss and we have a game immediately following this game. So, the question is on pitching. The starter is fairly easy. If it is a close game, the relievers are the tough part. If I use a starter in the relief role and we end up losing the game, it spells trouble for winning the second game of the day.

I think we just play it by ear and count on our offence scoring 8 runs or so. I’m likely overthinking it, like I typically do with ball. I like to have everything mapped out so that come game time, there are no surprises. I take the game as a must win, even though it really isn’t. It is a very convenient game to win, that’s for sure.

It will be a disappointment should we not make Sunday’s championship. I’ve had plenty of baseball disappointment though. Today, and with this team, I think we’ll be where we need to be. The weather is supposed to be awesome, especially for this time of year. High will be around 20C. At any rate, wish us some luck.

In MLB action, the Jays lost and didn’t look good at all. I love the whiny players complaining about the strike zone. You know what, get the bat off of your shoulder. You’re paid to hit, not to look back at the ump and blame all your issues on him.  I’m sure they’ll bounce back, they have all season. I’m not even sure if there was a second game on last night or not. I was zonked.

Well, the weekend is here, this is a good thing. It was a busy week at work. Have some server work to do tonight as well, but that’s easy stuff. I also like the lieu time. Enjoy your weekend.

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