Exciting ball in October…

Last evening, in Babe Ruth Fall Play, the 5th place Clippers lost a close one to the 1st place Cyclones, setting up a 1 vs 2 semi-final tomorrow afternoon. My Bandits will be the visitors against the Cylones. The winner moves onto th final on Sunday, the loser plays a second game with that winner moving onto Sunday.

We’ve beaten the Cyclones and they’ve beaten us. I’ll have one of my best pitches available with a number of fresh arms in backup. Should be an interesting game, I’m hoping the boys are ready, and I’m pretty sure they will be.

In MLB, the Mets knocked off the Dodgers, that can only be good. I’m not sure why, I have a dislike for teams from California, with the exception being the Giants. I also like the underdog taking a series in baseball. I was hoping that the Houston Astros would get by the KC Royals, and they should’ve, but they had a couple inning choke… It happens.

Anyway, round two is set. Going to be some good ball.

Monday is Election Day in Canada as well. It has been a long, dragged on electing to be sure. Too long, I’d say. I’m tired of the tv ads, the Facebook posts, the bull shit. I haven’t done a lot to help,with the campaign, I haven’t felt it. I’ve also been busy with baseball.

Monday night I won’t be going to any after election parties, I’ll be in Banff for the night. I have to suppor the start of the conference we are having for work. It is at the Banff Centre, great location and even better food. It’ll b a. Nice short get away. The dogs are boarding overnight.

So, wish the Bandits some luck. Hopefully a Fall Ball Championship is right around the corner.

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