Next stop, playoffs for the Bandits…

My Fall Ball team, the Bandits, finished up the season with 2 wins on Sunday, 5 wins in the last 6 games. We picked up a total of 5 points this weekend (2 wins and a tie) so not too shabby.

In the Sunday morning game, we jumped out to a 10-0 lead after a nearly 40 minute top of the first inning. The opposing pitcher couldn’t throw a strike and when he did, we were all over it. The game was called, on time limit with us in the lead 19-10. One win in the books.

We then had a game break with a split game scheduled. Back on the diamond at 3, we sailed through the next game with a 13-3 mercy win in 4.5 innings. 

All of the pitchers shook some early rust off from having a two week break – the previous weekend was not nice, weather wise. With playoffs starting Tuesday, we look solid moving forward.

We locked up second place in the five team league, right behind the top team, who we’ve beaten once already.

It is great to see this group of guys come together and gel as a team, fairly quickly at that. They are doing something they love, how couldn’t they love it?  It’s baseball. Good luck in the playoffs Bandits.

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