Shake that two week old rust off…

My Fall Ball team, the Bandits, played last night. It was a 5pm start, nice and warm for middle of October. We hadn’t played in two weeks since last weekend was a bit cold.

Last Saturday, the diamonds were closed because there was an inch of snow on the ground. It was gone by late in the afternoon and Sunday, the diamonds were open but the forecast high of 10C never materialized, never got warmer than about 4C and games were cancelled due to cold temps.

It showed that we hadn’t played in a couple of weeks. It is amazing how much rust builds up in a relatively short time frame. Our starter threw the ball well, gave up ground balls that should have turned into easy outs. Hope, error after error after error. We ended up giving up four runs in the first. Being down four after a half inning of play is tough. We were able to storm back though, scoring three in the bottom.

The lead changed hands a few times in the game, almost each inning. Our defence started to solidify, pitching remained solid. Going into the bottom of the 7th (we only play 7 inning ball games), we were down 3, 12-9.

We quickly tied up the game, had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out. Think we could manufacture a run? Nope… Both runners stranded, both batters, struck out.  So, for the first Tim that I can remember in my coaching career, we ended in a tie.

We play two more today, 10 and 3, and odd split game. A couple of wins would help,us move up a bit in the standings for playoffs that start Tuesday. Hopefully the rust is gone and we will sharpen up. Hopefully.

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