That was a lot of baseball…

Yesterday, there was a quadruple header of playoff baseball. It was a good day to be off of work, although I became sort of slug like, sitting in from of the tv for the majority of 4 games.

The Jays are in the brink of elimination at the hands of the Texas Rangers, and, if you read social media, it was the umpires fault. Typical for Torontonians, if you lose, blame the officials. Same goes for the whining Blue Jays players. Suck it up princesses. You lost to a better team and now, are pretty much done. You had a fantastic second half, no doubt. It was some excellent ball and you pumped up Toronto and the rest of Canada for baseball. People’s hopes are likely too high though, and they are about to crash, pending some sort of miracle. The game was only broadcast, here anyway, on SportsNet. In general, I don’t mind SportsNet, except for one of their “personalities”, Gregg Zaun. He’s an asshat. I’ve written about him before, my opinion hasn’t changed. He was, at best, a mediocre player and now, as an analyst, he tells players what they are doing wrong and what everyone is going wrong. His co-host, Jamie Campbell seems like a good guy and has some good insight, how he can stand working with this douche is beyond me.  Anyhow, the fat lady is getting ready, it would appear, to start singing and if she does, the Jays are done until next year.

Some have said that I shouldn’t hurt myself while jumping off of the Jays bandwagon. I am not necessarily a fan of the Jays, I am a fan of baseball. I hate, without reservation, the New York Yankees, but beyond that, I like baseball. Sure, it would be great if the Jays could win and go onto the World Series, they are, after all, the only Canadian based team. So, never really been on the bandwagon. Speaking of bandwagons, why is it that now that the GM has done something useful, everyone is treating him as the second coming? For years, he was useless, did nothing as the GM. Now, finally th Jays have made th playoffs and his previously uselessness is forgotten? Who knows, I can’t explain it. Other than Toronto sports fans are a breed of their own. Look at the Leafs, they’ve sucked most if not all of my life and as soon as they win a game in April, a Stanley Cup parade is planned.  Anyway, got a little off topic there.

Three other games were played. Good games too. The Royals evened their series with Houston. I’m pulling for the Astos, would love to see them move on.  The Cardinals blanked the Cubs. I’d be surprised if Chicago wins a game. St. Louis is my choice to win the World Series. In the evening game, the New York Mets surprised me with a win in LA. In general, I’m not a fan of most teams in California, not sure why.

So, a good day of ball, if you aren’t a Jays fan, I guess. Today, a much lighter schedule with only the National League tams seeing action. The baseball that I enjoy, Babe Ruth, continues with action today and tomorrow. These three games will determine final standings and where we will fit in for playoffs which start as early as Tuesday, they finish next weekend. 

It has been a good Fall Ball season, I’ve rally enjoyed it. I’m hoping we will do well,in playoffs, but regardless, it has been a blast. 

Good luck to the MLB teams you’re rooting for and good luck to my Bandits.

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